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The one Thing Every Success Story has in Common

I recently tweeted the following tweet:

I guess I have some explaining to do.

There are hundreds or thousands of articles, interviews and documentaries about all successful people, and there is one question that’s always mentioned in all these articles, interviews and documentaries:

“What’s the secret to your success?”

Every time you’ll get some other stupid answer and here is why: Did you figure out that this was the secret to your success only after you were asked about this success or did you know it all along? When asked about your success did you know what is behind is or were you thinking ‘hmmmm. what is going to make me look good?’


Some of the answers we typically get on this question is, “I make sure to take a vacation every year to clear my head.” Other say, “I never take vacations, I work work and work, and that’s why I’m so successful.”

Really? That’s the secret to success? I know of many people who take and don’t take vacations (which covers more less every person on this planet) and they have not reached success.

There is a bunch of articles like “The 5 things so and so successful person does.” Some dumb people actually think to themselves ‘I’m gonna do these 5 things and bingo! I’m gonna be successful.’

Same goes for people who are asked how are they so in shape. “Oh, I watch what I eat and I work out.” Really? Come on. Just say “I have no clue! I eat whatever I want and hardly work out. I guess I have a good metabolism.”

The same goes with upbringing children. ‘My kids always behave because I teach them. I know how to discipline with love.’ Baloney! They are probably by nature quieter you are the lucky parent. Just say it buddy. I’m not asking much. So if you are looking for the secret to success, look no further.

What is my point with all this?

There is no secret to success. The only thing that all these successful people have in common (and no, rich doesn’t mean successful, someone that wins the lottery might be a lucky person, but not a successful person.) Is hard work. They all worked very hard, not knowingly exactly how they are going to be successful, but failure was not an option. It was trial and error until they made it.

There is an old story about a very rich person who was asked how he made it, and this was his story:

I was very poor, I only had 10 cents in my pocket. I went out to the market and bought a dirty apple with that 10 cents. I went home, washed and shined the apple and I sold it for 20 cents. The next day I bought 2 dirty apples, did the same thing, washed it, shined it, and sold it for frothy cents, I continued doing this until I made 1 dollar, then I went and bought the lottery and won it!

As they say “In order to get to the top, you first have to get off your bottom” So stop reading all this non-sense (including this article), get off your bottom, work hard and you’ll make it. Good luck!

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