Izzy Green

Who Takes out the Garbage

who takes out the garbageI know a CEO of a big firm that has many department and divisions, with managers who handle the hiring and day-to-day operations of their teams. However, when there needs to be a cleanup and someone needs to be let go, it is done by the CEO himself.

But that’s not the kind of garbage I’m referring to in the title of this article. I’m talking about actually cleaning up the office and taking out the garbage. Earlier today I was walking out of our office building with 3 full garbage bags in my hand. On my way to the dumpster, someone stops me and asks with a smile on his face ‘you’re the owner of the business, right?’

It got me thinking. As an owner of a business we always get to do all the odds and ends that doesn’t fit into anyones job description. Many times you can feel that the things you do is below your dignity. So while carrying those trash bags to the dumpster you can either look at yourself as a janitor, or as that guy put it, the owner and boss of the business.

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