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Speak Your Customers Language

Speak Your Customers LanguageHave you ever had a situation where you went to the doctor for something more serious than an ingrown toenail? After the doctor diagnosed you, he walks in to the room with a serious face, and starts giving you his diagnoses. 5 minutes in to his speech, you are completely lost, you don’t understand a word he is saying. He expects you to understand all he learnt in school for 10 years in just 10 minutes. You interrupt him and say “Can you please explain that in simple English?”

Did you ever go to the mechanic with your old car – and you understand to cars as much as I do – after taking a quick look the mechanic starts listing all the things you need to fix, and why it needs to be fixed. You have no idea what he is talking about, you don’t care what your damage is, all you care about is ‘how much your damage will be’.

Every business has 2 languages:

  1. One that you learnt in school and is spoken in the industry.
  2. One that the general public understands, ‘simple English’.

Most professionals make the mistake by using language number one. They think that by using high vocabulary words that nobody understand, it will show how knowledgeable they are. When in fact, all they are doing is confusing their clients.

Yes we need to impress our clients, but why not impress them with something that really matters to them. Something like a good product or great service. Nobody cares about all the fancy terms and words they can’t understand, all people care about is a good product, great service and knowledgeable professionals. Don’t show your knowledge by confusing them, show your knowledge by delivering.

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  1. Sol Eisenberg
    Sol Eisenberg September 4, 2013 at 11:17 am |

    Now, this is what I call simple English! Straight forward…

    Very good post!

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