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MailBox: A Marketing Plan That’s Even Better Than the Technology

20130417-002834.jpgIf you are a busy person, finishing the day with an empty inbox could be a very difficult task to master. There are always those emails that you couldn’t get to, or the ones that have to wait to be taken care of at a later time or date.

Having 25, 10 or even 5 unread emails at the end of the day could make you feel… I believe you know what I mean. Even if those unread emails didn’t have to, or couldn’t get taken care of today.

MailBox, (a company owned by DropBox) came up with an amazing solution to this problem. They created an app (which is only available for iOS and gmail as of now). The goal of the MailBox app is to make sure you get your inbox down to zero at the end of the day.

mailbox-appIt has many great feature to help you move emails easily and very quickly into specific folder. For example: delete, archive or you can even set up your own custom folder.

mailbox_laterWait a minute, I’m not done yet.

Alarm clocks have been having a snooze option way before emails were even invented, so way should email not have the option to be snoozed to later time or date? Well, now it does. With the new MailBox app, you can snooze emails very quickly (with just a swipe of your finger) and done. Once an email is snoozed, you wont see it anymore in your inbox until the time and date you pushed it of to.

Wooops, you by mistake swiped your finger and an email suddenly disappeared? No worries, by just shaking your phone you can undo whatever was done by mistake.

I’m sure that after reading this, you probably got so excited and ran to the app store to download this new MailBox app. Your all ready for the mission, you’re going to bring your inbox to a zero, and BAMM!! Your hit this……mailbox-app-reservation-ogrady-200x300


You can’t start cleaning your inbox just yet, there are a few thousand ‘people in front of you’, the message on the screen says. Suddenly you start feeling like you were put on a waiting list… It’s kinda like you were given a number and you have to wait for your turn. Your not even sure if by the time they get to you there will still be any left….

The longer you wait, the more anxious you get . The numbers go down slowly, and you finally get a notification that your new MailBox app is ready for use.

Barbara Corcoran, entrepreneur and star on the ABC show SharkTank once said “Everybody wants what everybody wants, nobody wants what nobody wants”. This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book of sales and marketing.

The psychology behind it is very simple. If something appears as hard to get, or that everybody wants to have it, automatically everybody else wants to have it, you are afraid that your missing out on something good, or you better get this before there wont be any left.

MAilBox did a phenomenal job making it sound as if you were put on to a waiting list, when in reality there is no such a thing as a waiting list in technology. If a system is set up right – which I’m sure it is – than there is no difference to the database if there is one user or a hundred million users.

The harder you have to work for something, the more enjoyable it is. They didn’t want you to download it like every other app, glance at it and then delete it. If you put in time or work in something, or if something was hard to get, you will make sure to benefit from it.

They did such a good job, that even I knew the psychology behind it, the longer it took me to get it, the more anxious I was getting to start using it, and now that I finally got it, I’m in love with the app!

Download the app, be more productive, and learn a great lesson in marketing.

Good luck!


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  1. Sol Eisenberg
    Sol Eisenberg April 17, 2013 at 11:49 pm |

    Great perspective. I actually downloaded it as we’ll, and I now feel like a different person using it. It puts you in control. You can decide when and how to take care of your multiple tasks that pop up in your inbox on minutely basis.

    Besides since I’m down to zero in my inbox, I just have a crave to take care of all my emails the second they pop up… And guess what, those emails I once thought would take days to complete, can sometimes take just a matter of minutes. This app puts you on high gare.

    I also love the way it syncs automatically with outlook. As soon as I swipe an email into archives on the app, it automatically disappears from my outlook inbox. And vise versa. I just click Shift+Ctrl+V in outlook and the email disappears from both, my outlook inbox as well as my iPhone MailBox.

    Just love it!

  2. - IzzyPreneur
    - IzzyPreneur June 5, 2013 at 9:23 pm |

    […] a few months ago after being introduced to the all-new Mailbox we were all excited. But after getting to know each other a bit better, we realized some major […]

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