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The Importance of Calling Back a Lead Within 5 Seconds or Less

If you are doing any online marketing that generates leads through the web, you probably invest a lot of time and money to make that happen.

Generating leads is only the beginning and a small part of turning that lead in to revenue to your company. How you handle that lead once it comes in can make all the difference whether this lead will ever convert to a customer.

Once a potential customer filled out a form on your website requesting a quote, pricing or more information, how quickly you contact that prospect can make all the difference.

Previously we aimed to reach out to that prospect within 5 minutes that he/she submitted the request on our site, until I read the following study:

After analyzing more than 6,000,000 visitors to their site over the course of a few years, www.softwareadvice.com found that the chances of converting a lead to a customer drops after only 5 seconds. In other words, if you contact that customer within the first 5 seconds you have the best chance of actually converting that lead into a paying customer.


Read the full study

The reasons for this is very simple.

  1. Catch it while it’s hot; when somebody fills out a form online that means that he/she has an interest in your product or service RIGHT NOW. If you wait too long they might very possibly have a change of heart.
  2. Not reachable; the chances of actually reaching this prospect while he/she is still on your website are much greater than trying to reach him/her after he/she has long forgotten that he/she even filled out that form.
  3. Impress; prospects will typically be very impressed if you call them while they are still clicking that submit button. It shows that you’re a real and legitimate company, not just another website.
  4. First impression; first impressions are very important, and it’s also very important that you should be the first one to make the first impression. If you got a lead from your website 99% of the time the prospect went or is going to visit some of your competitions websites and request a quote, pricing or more information from them as well. If you’re the first one to call and make a great first impression, the next guy will automatically be 2nd in line, and besides having to make a good first impression he/she will also have to sell why he/she is better than you.

After reading that report we now try to contact our leads with in 1 minute and we have seen a huge increase in conversions.

2 Responses

  1. Sol Eisenberg
    Sol Eisenberg January 22, 2014 at 6:03 pm |

    Oh you bet!! SO TRUE!!! Proven damn right today…

  2. Ben Glancz
    Ben Glancz January 22, 2014 at 7:17 pm |

    Very true and valid point. While I’m not in the biz of getting leads via online clicks, I sure build my biz from referrals. I’ve learned that the people my clients reffer me to via calling then or emailing them, must be contacted within that same day. I’ve seen a great diffarance between those who I’ve contacted that day vs waiting a day or two. Kudos to your ‘within minute’ reach-out time.

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