Sol Eisenberg

If Someone Tells You He Cannot Buy From You, Do Not Buy It From Him!

Just the other day I was cold calling a list of folks who can refer business to my company. With every call I tweaked my pitch a little different, and of course I got all kinds of responses; Positive, Negative and in between.

One guy was being very honest with me (I thought). He just told me point blank: “I’ve been in business for over 25 years, and I specifically don’t refer my clients to any insurance brokers, or anything else that I don’t do myself. I will not change my policy, and we have no reason to meet.”

So I told him: “I have the exact same policy. I only sell Commercial Building Insurance and whoever asks me for Home, Auto or Health insurance I do not refer them to anyone, because I don’t know of anyone in the industry that will treat them the way I would. However, I still want to meet with you for 5 minutes and show you how Evergreen is different, and why your clients will absolutely thank you for referring them to us.” …And we made up where to meet the next morning.

At this point, I was not even interested in meeting this guy anymore… he specifically told me that in the past 25 years he never referred anyone to anyone… how will I change this guy… Why am I even wasting my time with him?… I had no choice but to show up to the meeting and start pitching and selling…

So, we met the next morning, and only 2 minutes into the meeting he was telling me how he is all set up, and he has his insurance brokers that he referrs all his business to, and he’s very happy with them, and on and on. “So how are you different?” he asked me.

At first I was so confused. Didn’t this guy tell me yesterday that he doesn’t refer any business to any brokers? And now he’s telling me just the opposite??? Whats going on here?

The lesson I learnt is that you can not and should not disqualify any potential client before you meet with them in person. If YOU think he can give you business he probably could. And you have to realize that when he’s giving you the best reason in the world why he cannot give you any business DO NOT BUY IT FROM HIM! This is simply another form of rejecting you. You gotta figure out how to get past the rejection and get a meeting. Once you’ll meet the guy in person, you will have a big chance to entice him to do lots of business with you.

of course I walked out of the meeting with 2 rock solid referrals, and he is eager to send me more ASAP…

Hey, I’m still surprised myself…

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