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How Should I Ask For A Meeting?

When asking a prospect or client: “Would you like to meet with me?” or “Can I get an appointment with you?” you are asking him to make a “yes or no” decision on the spur of the moment, and the “no” is much easier than the “yes”, because there is no commitment with this choice. And the consequences of the “yes” can be so many, more than we can even imagine.

So while every scenario is different, the key is never to give the “yes or no” options.

Yesterday I wanted to bind a policy for someone dating 9/1. I knew he’s a very busy man, and had zero time to focus on switching insurance now. I had called him in the past week numerous times, and he just couldn’t focus… No doubt, that I had to meet this guy in order to get a bind order, but how will he give me an appointment if he’s sooo busy.

So in the morning I made a 20 second phone call. And this is how it went:

Sol: Hi Bill, will you be in the office at 12 today?
Bill: Should be.
Sol: Great. See you then. Bye!

When I was done with the first meeting I called another client (then prospect) who was not far, I asked him:
Sol: Jon, will you fax the paperwork today?
Jon: Mr. Eisenberg, I’ll fax it tomorrow.
Sol: Great. Are you in your office now?
Jon: Yes.
Sol: Okay. I’ll swing by in a few minutes just to shake a hand… See you!

You see, I didn’t ask for even one meeting and I got 2!

I’ll write a separate post about how to get formal meetings without the “yes or no” issue!

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