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Getting Through the Gate-Keeper – Rolling Down is Much Easier than Climbing up

Getting Through the Gate-Keeper - Rolling Down is Much Easier than Climbing upAnybody in sales knows, that one of the very first challenges of making a sale, is finding out who the decision maker is and how to get a hold of that person, so you can have an opportunity to sell your product to someone who can actually buy it.

Getting through the gate-keeper has been a dreaded challenge ever since, and there are probably a thousand tips and tricks on how to overcome this obstacle and get past those gate-keepers.

What if I told you that you don’t have to pass through the gate-keeper anymore and you can avoid it altogether? That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?!

Well, there is a better way. Instead of taking the regular route of cold-calling the receptionist and asking ‘who would I talk to about bla bla bla’ to try creeping up from there, rather start from the top down.

Look for the person with the highest position within the company, like the CEO, President, etc. and ask them to refer you to the right person who can make a decision to buy the product that you’re selling. This approach is way more successful, and here is why:

  • The gatekeeper is being paid not to let you through. And by making it easy for you they would simply be violating their job description.
  • Executive contact info is extremely easy to find these days. You can find most executives’ email addresses and phone numbers online.
  • Executives don’t have the time and nerves to filter out who you are and what you’re calling in reference to. (Isn’t he paying someone to do this work for him?) The easiest way out for him of this call, is to give you the right person to talk to and let them deal with you.
  • Rolling down is always easier than climbing up…

When you talk or email an executive in a company and you’re certain that he does not handle the matter your calling about, be brief, short and to the point. There is no need to sell your product or service to them. All you need from them is a name. By simply saying or emailing ‘who in your office handles bla bla bla?’ you will get the best results.

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