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Delivering in a Storm

Delivering in a stormI recently wrote the following review on one of Evergreen’s service providers:

“When the waters are calm, it’s easy to provide professional service. But when there is a storm, that’s when most people lose it. He dealt with our most complicated situation, as if the sun is shining outside. He is a professional and a man of his word. It is great doing business with you!!!”

To most of you reading this, it sounds just like any other review, but let me explain what’s really behind it.

We hired this service provider because we were looking for a service that our current provider couldn’t deliver. After our initial meeting we came up with a game plan on how to accomplish what we wanted.

After a few months we realized that he was actually not able to deliver what he promised. At that point, we had many arguments and disagreement (and trust me, we didn’t make it easy for him. To be quite honest, I wouldn’t want to be my customer then).

To make a long story short, he really believed in the potential of a long-term relationship with our business, and handled the situation in a professional manner, and compromised a lot on his end.

We ended up staying a loyal customer.

We had a similar story, only this time we were on the other side of the table.

A client called us up saying that he heard that we are the experts in real estate insurance, and was looking to get a quote for one of his multiple buildings.

We did our magic, and were able to present him a quote from a very highly rated insurance company, with a savings of close to 50%. He was astonished by the savings, but he had one concern; he already had this insurance company once insure his building, but they cancelled him because his building didn’t fit this company’s guidelines.

After analyzing the whole situation, going back and forth, knowing that he just invested 150k in renovating his building. We told him that he has nothing to worry about. He ended up binding the policy.

Guess what, the insurance company went down to inspect the building and surprise surprise, they sent out a notice saying that they are canceling the policy.

This was not the best news for us, this is a new client that gave us a test on one building, we promised that this won’t happen, and here we go.

Although this was not in our hands, and we did everything right the first time, making sure that everything is in compliance with the insurance company, it is still a very bad image to the client, and naturally he wouldn’t want to continue doing business with us.

But here is what we did, we flew down to the building, took a load of pictures, and made copies of all necessary documents. Then we approached the president of the insurance company and addressed all the NEW concerns of the insurance company.

While the issue is not resolved yet (and hopefully it will be very soon), we already got more business from this client. We gained a tremendous trust by him, by showing him, yes, we made a promise, but there was something completely out of our hands that failed our promise (so far). But we are here acknowledging what’s going on, and doing our utmost beat to get the issue resolved.

This building is located in Chicago, IL and our office is located in NY. He told us in one of our conversations that his previous insurance broker told him “are you crazy, you’re going to deal with someone out of NY, you need to deal with someone local.” So we asked him “where are we standing right now, in your building, right? When is the last time your LOCAL broker visited your building?”.

Being in business is all about making promises, but many times, things don’t go as planned, and it’s completely out of our hands. Handling those situations correctly is where we get to prove ourselves and our services.

My partner Sol actually told this client that he is happy that this issue happened, this gives him a chance to prove to this new client that we are not just here when the waters are calm.

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  1. Alan Falk
    Alan Falk August 9, 2013 at 5:55 pm |

    Great post. I really liked it I need you to write more controversial stuff so I can argue with you

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