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Boxer vs Mailbox a War for Mobile Email

Boxer email appRemember a few months ago after being introduced to the all-new Mailbox we were all excited. But after getting to know each other a bit better, we realized some major disadvantageous it has. And some people I know slowly start switching back to the iPhone email app.

Today I download the all new Boxer email app, they are competing heads on with Mailbox.

After playing around for a few minutes, here are my initial thoughts.

Mailbox is currently only working with Gmail, Boxer works with: Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Outlook (former HotMail) and Aol.

Mailbox you can only set up one email account, Boxer you can have multiple email accounts set up at once.

Boxer Integrates with: Dropbox (yeps, those who bought Mailbox), Facebook and LinkedIn.

In Mailbox, if you wanna undo anything you just shake the phone, Boxer will keep any action you do on the screen until you do the next thing it will disappear (so you still have the option to undo your action).

In Mailbox you can only access the folders created by mailbox, in Boxer you have access to all your Gmail folders.

Mailbox and Boxer work with push (vs the original iPhone app only fetches your emails every 15 minutes).

Mailbox had issues with some attachment that weren’t opening (I get my voicemails as an email attachment, and Mailbox couldn’t open them), seems like this is working fine with Boxer.

And now the fun part, swiping!

Swipe right:

  • Like button: Boxer will reply to the sender that you liked the email he sent you (hope you don’t mind, but I think I’ll be using this a lot).
  • Quick reply: this an awesome tool, you can quickly reply (this feature is also available when you compose a new email) with a bunch of quick response templates. You can also create your own templates as well.
  • To-do: this will move the email into a to-do folder.
  • Request help: still trying to figure this one out….
  • Done: this will move your email into the ‘done’ folder.

Swipe left:

  • Delete
  • Spam
  • Archive

Another interesting feature, when you click on a sender’s name and you have that person as a contact you can #1 see his complete contact, call, text or email that person. And #2 see a list of all the emails you received from this person.

Lastly, you can attach a file while replying to an email, something that can’t be don’t with mailbox as well as with the iPhone email app (I knew you’ll like this one).

Oh, i almost forgot, there are no 5,000 people ahead of you. You can just go ahead and download the app.

This app is free for the first 10,000 downloads (afterwards i think it will be $10.00 to download), so go ahead and download it and let me know your thoughts.

You can look for it in the app store , or download it from itunes.

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  1. Mark eisen
    Mark eisen June 5, 2013 at 9:54 pm |

    Great analysis Izzy. 1 comment, you write “Mailbox you can only set up one email account”, I think tou are incorret with this. I have 2 accounts on my Mailbox.

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