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Izzy Green
CEO, Evergreen Insurance
Author, IzzyPreneur.com

Izzy Green - CEO Evergreen Insurance

My first foray onto the commercial insurance arena was as a producer for a local insurance brokerage. A promotion followed just six months later, as I assumed the role of regional sales manager. Prior to insurance, I had worked in residential construction and in my family’s real estate business.

In working with both real estate owners and managers, I found the industry lacking and wanting for a commercial insurance agency that understands the needs of not only generic insurance products but also comprehensive insurance solutions for real estate owners, managers and board members. My earlier successes in the real estate and insurance markets sharpened my natural competitive edge in addressing said needs. And so, in 2009, I joined forces with my longtime friend Sol Eisenberg and launched the Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management. We are purposeful in our exclusive specialties in real estate insurance and nothing more.

Evergreen has since become a fast leader in real estate insurance, and our team is considered the leading experts in real estate insurance among real estate professionals across the industry spectrum.

I frequently author informative articles regarding real estate insurance, and am a regular contributor to leading publications in New York. From time to time, I also partake in educational seminars, speaking before board members, managing agents and insurance firms.

Being a young entrepreneur that has built a successful business from the ground up, I created this blog (IzzyPreneur.com) to share my knowledge and experiences as a young entrepreneur with the world.