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4 Business Lessons from Eric Casaburi and Undercover Boss

eric-casaburiIn this episode of Undercover Boss, Eric Casaburi, CEO of Retro Fitness, a franchised full service fitness center, discovers an employee who hates customers and fails to follow directions, it leads to one of the biggest reveals ever on UNDERCOVER BOSS. Also, Casaburi works with an employee who credits Retro Fitness for a major lifestyle change. (TV-14 L)

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Here are 4 business lessons I learnt from Eric Casaburi and Undercover Boss, season 4, Episode 14.

Lesson #1: “There is no finish line, you fight till the end”
In business you have to know that there is no finish line. If you want to succeed you have to fight till the end!

Lesson #2: “We need to really listen, more so than we need to be talking”
Whenever making a sale, as much as we need to talk, equally or even more importantly we need to listen. Listening is one of the most important parts of a sales. Many times, if you’d just listen, you will hear that the client is ready to buy. But if you just keep on talking and talking you might very easily miss that.

Lesson #3: “I want to be part of her success, I wanna see here succeed”
An employer really needs to care about each employees OWN success, if his employees are successful, than his business will succeed!

Lesson #4: “Anyone that’s doing something at a high level or a long time, you gotta unplug the battery for a second and just let it recharge”
Unplug, recharge and get back to work!!

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